My Acoustic Neuroma

tumorMy acoustic neuroma was only 1cm when we found it and did surgery. But man that thing changed my life in an instant.  It cause a sudden onset of vertigo that was debilitating. I was unable to work, socialize or live a normal life.  I named it Felicia so I could tell it “Bye Felicia” because it was that annoying having it in my head.  September 22, 2015 I had surgery to remove Felicia.  Though my recovery has been a huge challenge I’m still fighting each day to get better and back to life.  Here’s a picture of Felicia and also me just out of surgery in the ICU at USC Keck Medical Center in Los Angeles. I was lucky enough to find the two best surgeons in the country to remove my tumor, Dr. Rick Friedman and Dr. Steven Giannotta.  I still struggle but at least I am alive and have the chance to live again.  For that I am blessed!

Shelly Knowlton Dr Friedman

Me and Dr. Friedman

post op recovery
Me in the ICU

9 thoughts on “My Acoustic Neuroma

    1. Haaha! Yeah my group of friends we always say that when we are leaving eachother. So it just felt right…plus that tumor was annoying as hell. That pesky neighbor that never leaves you alone. Plus it gave me something to joke about during my journey and keep my spirits up! 🙂 Hugs to you too!

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  1. My sister was just diagnosed 3 months ago,on watch and wait, and Shelly your posts and aanswers to our questions have been so helpful! I love how you write, from the heart. This is a wonderful and giving idea to write a blog and maybe help “newbies”like my sister and her family, in our case,her other 3 sisters, to understand.And to help her go through this hell of a diagnosis and try to live a semi normal life.

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    1. Thank you Debbie! I am sorry about her diagnosis. But I know she can get through this. For a while I had a hard time accepting it and also my new normal. But I am at that point of knowing I can still do something to help others and I am now. I’m going to try to do at least 1 daily post about topics that concern us AN patients as well as those who suffer from other chronic illnesses. I wish her the best and keep me posted on how she’s doing!


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