What is a Dizzy Deaf Warrior?

Hello my name is Shelly Knowlton and I am a Warrior.  I am dizzy and also half deaf and fighting daily against the damage my illness has done to get my life back. Hence the name of my blog.  You…

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3 thoughts on “What is a Dizzy Deaf Warrior?

  1. Hello Shelly, nice to ‘meet’ you…I look forward to reading your stories as you continue to recover and fight. I am also mostly deaf in my left ear (meneires). In the beginning the dizziness was insane, but after a few years my balance slowly returned…hopefully yours will too 🙂

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    1. Hello and thank you!!! Have patience with me at first this is my first blog. I’m still trying to figure how to format things. 🙂 Oh man it’s a small world I have a friend with Meneires and they thought at first that could be what I had before we found the Acoustic Neuroma. So I understand what you deal with cause I do too. The balance issues, dizziness, spinning are insane. The hearing loss is not good but the least of my issues when it comes to things that are horrible. But the tinnitus I got in that ear is so loud and never stops. I can’t sleep most nights because of it. Do you have tinnitus too? I’m working with a therapist on my balance now. I really hope it improves. They won’t let me drive yet and I’m going insane!! LOL! Good luck with your meneires I hope it is well managed. Thank you for reading!!

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      1. Oh please, have patience with me also, I just started this blog a little over a month ago! YEEESSSS! The tinnitus is quiet a monster isn’t it? When it first started, years after the hearing loss, I searched all over the house trying to find the cause. I was sure it was an outside source. Then I was sure it was an earwax issue, lol…finally I figured it out. Now it comes an goes, I keep a fan running in the summer and I have a nature sounds machine by the bed also to drown it out. Oh no, that sucks…hopefully soon you will get some freedom back. Thank you for sharing!


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