I’ll be back soon…”Gone surgerying”

So “Gone Surgerying” is kinda like gone fishing for those of us with chronic health issues. In sorry I’ve not been blogging lately. I have recently had another major surgery. A spinal fusion of my cervical spine/neck. Just recently home from hospital and highly medicated and exhausted. I will have more fun topics to discuss soon and get back at the blogging. I’m enjoying the meds for now and trying hard to stay awake long enough to watch one episode of Game of Thrones. That’s the bad part of the pain meds. They knock your ass out. Below is a diagram of the cervical spine fusion I had done. Not fun or pretty. And very painful. And also a picture of me in the hospital.  Hope you all are doing well and I will come up with some new posts very soon. Hugs to all my followers. 😄
This is an Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion. Yeah my neck is quite sore. 

Surgery Drugs make you smile!